I miss you

I miss you

Right before vanishing you said

your heart was iced.

Couldn’t tell you mine was

flaming hot.

Can’t tell you now

I chased your last imprints

in the light as in the shadow

rampling in my room

and on the corridors.

So much that I could see

a ghostly figure

that appeared like you,

that would bring to mind

your footsteps.

I swear

I could hear them

hear you


So much that I could black into the likeness of your tender green


I gave a shot

to catch a glimpse

but the alcohol dashes

simply cannot


turn into

your lips

or your touch.

All this time I tried to associate your eyes



and when you’d be gone

I’d seek that exact same shade

to stare into


That was what I planned.


I can’t breathe

into the shimmer of





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