Yearn, dream and typhlosis

Yearn, dream and typhlosis

it was this copper light drizzle

sinking in our pupils

(suffocating in each others’)

turning everything into

yearn, dream and typhlosis.

ah I could have begged

I could have crawled

and ripped my senses

(purpose, reason and despair)

and howl to this atrocious god.

he still wouldn’t even look at

still would even mutter

about all this yearn, dream and typhlosis.




there are times when you don’t

comprehend reality

and so you are

diving deeper and deeper into your world

where the buildings are made out of foam, clouds out of sorrow and eyes out of shiny little

kidney stones

there are times when you just don’t

manage to come back home

but you continue to crawl

in your anger well

and spit your desperation to others
there are sad times.