Fără aer

Fără aer

Мы разбегаемся по делам,
Земля разбивается пополам.

Вздох сожаления на губах,
Зависли в неправильных городах.
Звонки телефонные под луной,
Границы условные, я с тобой.

Сотри меня, смотри в меня, останься,
Прости меня за слабость
И за то, что я так странно
И отчаянно люблю.




Boy, bring summer back to me

and make sure your stellar eyes are on the list.






I’m flyin’
I’m flyin’ high like a bird
But my fluttering wings can’t keep you from pullin’ me down
Your mama
Your mama says I’m a fool
And yeah, maybe that’s true ’cause I can’t stop thinkin’ ’bout you

I’m tryin’
I’m tryin’ not to forget my words
‘Cause when I’m around you, I tend to keep changin’ my mind
I promise
I promise myself not to slip back into old habit
‘Cause heartbreak is savvy and love is a bitch


I miss you

I miss you

Right before vanishing you said

your heart was iced.

Couldn’t tell you mine was

flaming hot.

Can’t tell you now

I chased your last imprints

in the light as in the shadow

rampling in my room

and on the corridors.

So much that I could see

a ghostly figure

that appeared like you,

that would bring to mind

your footsteps.

I swear

I could hear them

hear you


So much that I could black into the likeness of your tender green


I gave a shot

to catch a glimpse

but the alcohol dashes

simply cannot


turn into

your lips

or your touch.

All this time I tried to associate your eyes



and when you’d be gone

I’d seek that exact same shade

to stare into


That was what I planned.


I can’t breathe

into the shimmer of




Yearn, dream and typhlosis

Yearn, dream and typhlosis

it was this copper light drizzle

sinking in our pupils

(suffocating in each others’)

turning everything into

yearn, dream and typhlosis.

ah I could have begged

I could have crawled

and ripped my senses

(purpose, reason and despair)

and howl to this atrocious god.

he still wouldn’t even look at

still would even mutter

about all this yearn, dream and typhlosis.